Hotel La Coccinelle is a 4 stars hotel, located in the heart of Bamako, Mali’s capital. Extremely charming and located in the embassies’ area, its rooms enjoy one of the capital’s nicest sceneries. Built to bring you some of the comfort and enjoyment of your own home to that specific region of Africa, La Coccinelle has lots of green spaces and breathtaking pools where you can be sure that you will relax and enjoy every minute of your stay there.

At La Coccinelle our guests will be so well taken care of by a highly trained team, who will show nothing less than an unmatched hospitality and warmth. The aim is to bring back the same guests over and over again for further stays.

Whether you opt for a breakfast in bed or you’re in for a quick bite or for a full meal, La Coccinelle’s restaurant offers you a wide selection of foods to suit your mood, with an unforgettable taste in a cozy atmosphere.

The warmth and hospitality at La Coccinelle as well as the beauty of the place itself, make La Coccinelle a great destination whenever you’re visiting Bamako, whether on a business trip or for a vacation.

Hotel Residence La Coccinelle